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Upcoming Events

Saguache County GOP Central Committee Meeting
Meet us for dinner
Tuesday Fegruary 1st at the Oasis Restaurant in Saguache 5pm
Meeting will begin at 6 pm
directly after the meal

Saguache County GOP Caucus Meeting
Tuesday March 1, 2022 Mountain Valley School Cafeteria Sign-in at 6 pm

Saguache County GOP County Assembly
Saturday March 12, 2022 Mountain Valley School Cafeteria Sign-in at 1 pm

Colorado GOP State Assembly and Convention
Saturday April 9, 2022 at the World Arena
3185 Venetucci Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Check-in and Credentialing will begin at 7 am

"President Trump is staying in the Arena"
Sebastian Gorka with Mark Meadows on America First


-- YEAR 2022 --

The Election Controversy

The Navarro Report

Current US Voting System Apparatus is Not Securable
(Ret.) USAF Colonel Shawn Smith

2021-2022 Executive Board

Chairman / Wyoma Hansen
Vice Chairman / Mike Cowan
Treasurer / Ed Nielsen
Secretary / Rebie Hazard

Vacancy Committee
Richard Drake
Lyn Miles
Joe Gilbert

Colorado State Central Committee Executive Board
Chairman / Kristi Burton Brown
Vice Chairman / Priscilla Rahn
Treasurer / TBD
Secretary / Marilyn Harris
Vera Ortegon
RNC National Committeewoman
Randy Corporon
RNC National Committeeman

Fractional Reserve Banking

The real power structure - International in scope and in control of our government through the national debt

A government debt is a government claim against personal income and private property – an unpaid tax bill. —Hans F. Sennholz

Debt? Deficit? What are they? What's the difference?


2022 Delegates and Alternates to the State Assembly

Designated Delegates

1. Wyoma Hansen
2. Mike Cowan
3. TBD

Elected Delegates and Alternates

4. TBD - Delegate
5. TBD - Delegate
6. TBD - Delegate

7. TBD - Delegate
8. TBD - Delegate
1. TBD 1st Alternate
2. TBD - 2nd Alternate
3.. TBD - 3rd Alternate
4. TBD - 4th Alternate
5. TBD 1st Alternate
6. TBD - 2nd Alternate
7. TBD - 3rd Alternate
8. TBD - 4th Alternate

- National -

- State -

- County -

Maps / Plans

Saguache County Commissioner District Map

Saguache County Precinct Map

Saguache County Interactive Geographic Map


Information and registration form / Courtesy Shane and Janet Cox



Saguache County Republicans / Bylaws

Colorado State Bylaws / ARTICLE II: PURPOSE
Recognizing the principles of the Republican Party as reflected in the State and National Platforms, the
primary purposes of this organization shall be to elect duly nominated or designated Republican
candidates to office, to promote the principles and achieve the objectives of the Republican Party at
national and state levels, and to perform the functions set forth in the election laws of the State of


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